The alpine garden for Kneipp hydrotherapy

1,400m² for Kneipp foot baths, relaxation and reflection


A long hike can really get to your feet. You will find Kneipp facilities including a barefoot path and an herb garden area in our alpine garden, which will give you that energy boost you need in the middle of unspoiled nature.

The effects on the body of Kneipp cure treatments have long been known: Starting with the strengthening of the immune system through to toning of the foot muscles to stimulating circulation and metabolism.When a disadvantage turns into an advantage: No mobile phone reception and mobile wifi (except the hotel lobby) guarantees silence and perfect relaxation.

The healing effect of altitude treatments in the crystal clear mountain air is scientifically confirmed. Treat yourself to this recuperative effect!

Are you curious to see how the Alpengenusshof Gramai looks like? Our hotel video provides an insight into the Gramai.

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