Sound sleep with Swiss stone pine

Sleep is considered one of most fundamental life functions and is essential for physical and mental well-being. It serves as a source of health, vitality and vigour.



The Swiss stone pine tree

The Swiss stone pine tree grows up high, just beneath the tree line. Resin, the heart of the tree, keeps it alive and provides it with the necessary resilience. It supplies each individual fibre of the tree and strengthens it to withstand the most adverse of conditions. Processed into wood, it still exudes the pleasant scent of pine even after 40 years.



The special effects of Swiss stone pine

A cosy Swiss stone pine restaurant lounge or a homely bedroom with its characteristic scent is familiar to everyone. Bodies and souls are calmed and relaxed in these areas. People find it surprisingly easy to approach one another and talk together.

The heart rate of the human body is reduced in the areas where Swiss stone pine is present; your heart saves up to 3,500 heartbeats/day, up to an hour/day at work.


Relaxing sleep

Breathe in the sleep-promoting essential oils that exude from the Swiss stone pine and let yourself go! Relaxing snoozes just seem to happen. The anticonvulsant effect supports the body and soul to thoroughly relax.

The Sonnjoch and Bergkristall 1 and 2 suites are furnished with elegant Swiss stone pine.


Swiss stone pine suite

Each family member has their very own retreat and highest comfort in our largest suite.

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Swiss stone pine suite

The roomy suite is furnished with great attention to detail with elegant Swiss stone pine.

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You will find an overview of all rooms and suites at the Alpengenusshof Gramai here.

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