Wellness in nature, with nature

Do you know what constitutes "Wellness" for us? If you lie on the grass and just watch the clouds drift by… If you go barefoot once again over a path or a meadow and sense the wonder of nature up close… If you hear the rustling of the leaves and the mountain stream and just forget the world around you. "Wellness" counts as simply nature in the Gramai. The nature in all its wonder, its own massaging effects and unmistakable wellness rhythms. We can only add to this art, with classic applications, relaxation in the sauna and plunge pool for use after the sauna.


Wellness at the Gramai Alm  Candle MassageWellness at the Gramai Alm  Aromatic oil massage

Partial-body massage

25 min. | € 29.00

with mountain pine tonic

Full-body massage

with mountain pine tonic, 50 min.

€ 65.00

Foot reflexology massage

25 min. | € 35.00

with mountain pine palm

Aromatherapy oil massage – Alpine tranquillity

50 min. | € 65.00

enriched with arnica, mountain pine and Swiss stone pine oil

Alpine herbal mask

50 min. | € 65.00

has a calming effect and strengthens the immune system, with warm oil

Massage „Bugl & Fiaß“

50 min. | € 55.00

Back and foot reflexology massage with AktivGel, for the tiresome hiker

Massage „Guad fia d’Haxn“

50 min. | € 65.00

Foot reflexology massage and leg massage with mountain pine balm, enriched with comfrey and horse chestnuts

Candle massage

25 min. | € 38.00

Alpine herbs massage

50 min. | € 68.00

Letting go & relax anti-stress massage

50 min. | € 68.00

Bodywork treatments

Wellness  Wellness at the Gramai AlmPeelings  Head massage

Peeling "snow crystal"

25 min. | € 39.00

Peeling "Alpine delight"

50 min. | € 79.00

Massage "Hot soil"

50 min. | € 79.00

Massage "Leg vital"

25 min. | € 39.00

Cocooning - Body packs

Cranberry  JasmineWellness at the Gramai Alm  Edelweiss

Cranberry pack

25 min. | € 39.00

Edelweiss creme pack

25 min. | € 39.00

Jasmin Packung

25 min. | € 39.00



Alpine herbs  Wellness at the Gramai AlmBody peeling  Mountain spring

Package "Freshness of spring water"

60 min. | € 89.00


Package "My place of power"

70 min. | € 99.00


Package "After mountain"

60 min. | € 89.00


Natur Spa Romance

Time is precious. Spending time together is priceless.

Magic moments at the Alm - A romantic experience for couples  Magic moments at the Alm - A romantic experience for couplesMagic moments at the Alm - A romantic experience for couples  Sauna area with ''bear'' and ''poacher's'' saunas

Romantic "spa dreams"

90 min. | € 160.00

Romantic "Magic moments"

90 min. | € 160.00

Gaze into the night sky from the hot tub, enjoy comforting warmth in the sauna and then round off the evening with a refreshing tipple! Enjoy a unique, romantic evening (from 8pm) as a couple - the sauna and relaxation area is available exclusively for your use, enjoy together wellness at the alm.

Nature Spa Broschure

Browse through our Nature Spa folder. It includes all facts about our alpine spa on 2,100 m² at the Gramai Alm.



Refreshing gift idea with that extra special value. A break away from everyday life.

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