From alpine hut on the high mountain pastures to guesthouse

From the 16th to the 20th century

In the beginning there was the alpine hut.


A special place with a special history - this is the piece of land on which the Alpengenusshof Gramai stands on today.


The name "Gramai" originates from Romansh, a language that can only be found in South Tyrol and Switzerland these days and means "scree field". Even as far back as the 16th century, the area around the Gramai Alm was farmed and there was a mountain hut on the pasture that only operated in the summer months with an area for stalls and cottages, which was held by the County of Coburg for many years.

It was not until around 1960 that the Gramai was passed into private hands, and even then the area was considered one of the most beautiful chamois hunting grounds in the country. By the mid-1960's, work on the infrastructure had begun and, among other things, a road and a cable car to the Gramai Alm Hochleger was built. In 1970, a guesthouse was built on the same grounding as the hut: The Alpengasthof Gramai.


1999–2014: From guesthouse to the Alpengenusshof Gramai we love today.

In 1999, the Rieser family bought the Alpengasthof Gramai. It was, and still is, important for them to bring this special untouched setting in line with the future. "The future" entails offering guests a haven for relaxation, the focus is on the beautiful nature on the one hand, yet without sacrificing comfort on the other. And so it was that over the past 15 years the Alpengasthof Gramai moved gradually towards the Alpengenusshof inn as we know it today. The restaurant area and guestrooms were rebuilt with great attention to detail, creating an oasis of wellbeing made of pinewood in the Tyrolean mountains. The alpine garden of 1,400 m² with adventure playground, our very own petting zoo and Kneipp facilities only helps to extend the range of enjoyment we have to offer in the Gramai.


Everything is just of the highest quality - such as the specialities and regional favourites of the Karwendel Alpine Park served here. Only in this way could the Rieser family offer its guests what they themselves exemplify to the highest degree with absolute pleasure: Tyrolean hospitality with an eye for that something special.


The Rieser family says "God bless" for the wonderful 15 years gone and looks forward to a shared future!

Our chronicle describes the development of the Gramai from alpine hut on the mountain pastures to guesthouse in Pertisau.

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