Cultural points of interest

The Achensee holiday region is bestowed with museums dedicated to the region's tumultuous past. The Notburga Museum in Eben/Maurach exhibits interesting facts about the life of St. Notburga. This popular Tyrolean patron saint, the simple Maid Notburga, specifically devoted herself to helping the poor and weak in the 13th century. Other museums, such as the Lake Achen Museum World, a "museum village" on an area of about eight hectares in Maurach, the local history museum in Sixenhof, a 650-year-old family farming estate, or the Museum of the legendary Tyrolean shale oil, are all worth a visit.

The many churches and chapels in the Achensee region bear witness to the splendour and beauty of a long cultural history. You will also learn more about the history and all cultural points of interest in the culture guide.

Culture guide
Museums in the region


Sightseeing around Lake Achen or in the surrounding area. Our excursion tips:



Achensee cog railway and shipping industry

The Lake Achen cog railway has been clawing its way up the mountain, snorting and hissing, since 1889. From Jenbach in the Inn valley to Lake Achen, it masters almost 7 kilometres at 440 metres above sea level. The Lake Achen steam rack railway is the oldest of its kind in Europe and stills plods on tirelessly. When it finally gets to the top, a steamboat from the Lake Achen shipping industry will be waiting to continue the memorable panoramic journey in no time.


Achensee cog railway and shipping industry Achensee cog railway and shipping industryAchensee shipping industry Achensee shipping industry



Schwaz silver mine - The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages

Follow the traces of the miners and take an exciting journey into the history of Europe! The mining railway will take you 800 metres deep underground to what is a remarkable experience. Follow the traces of the miners, which mined for silver and copper over 500 years ago, and wind back the years to a time when the earth was considered flat! (Schwaz silver mine in Schwaz, approx. 20 km)


Schwaz silver mine - The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages Schwaz silver mine - The largest silver mine of the Middle AgesSchwaz silver mine - The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages Schwaz silver mine - The largest silver mine of the Middle Ages



Swarovski Crystal Worlds - A sparkling fairy tale

Enter the magical underground adventure chambers of the crystal paradise, guarded by the sparkling eyes of the "Giant". Designed by the Austrian artist and fantasist André Heller and continuously expanded since its opening, the Swarovski Crystal Worlds are a wonderful story to behold, marvel at and experience. (Swarovski Crystal Worlds in Wattens, approx. 30 km)


Swarovski Crystal Worlds Swarovski Crystal WorldsSwarovski Crystal Worlds Swarovski Crystal Worlds



Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses - A breath of nostalgia

Wonderfully situated, one of the most beautiful outdoor museums of the Alps invites you to stroll along and experience the farming culture of times gone by. Farmhouses with their barns, fences, equipment, etc. from various valley communities of Tyrol were removed and rebuilt here in a beautiful ensemble. Immerse yourself in the way of life and work from times gone by, an age which has dominated the life in Tyrol for so long! (Museum of Tyrolean Farmhouses in Kramsach, approx. 20 km)


Museum of local history in Sixenhof Museum of local history in SixenhofMuseum of local history in Sixenhof Museum of local history in Sixenhof



Tyrolean Shale Oil Vitalberg - Heritage of the sea

Tyrolean shale oil is excellently suited as a health and wellness resource due to its high content of naturally bonded sulphur. It is elaborately extracted from the slate of the Karwendel. It brings together the energy of the mountains with the sea. Experience it on your body! (Tyrolean shale oil Vitalberg in Pertisau)


Museum of Tyrolean shale oil Museum of Tyrolean shale oilMuseum of Tyrolean shale oil Museum of Tyrolean shale oil



Tratzberg Castle - Renaissance jewel among Austrian castles

Tratzberg Castle was first documented in the 13th century and served as a former stronghold against the Bavarians and as Emperor Maximilian I hunting lodge. These days, the approx. 6800m² Tratzberg is the epitome of a Tyrolean castle from the 16th century, and thus one of the most significant artistic and cultural monuments in the province. (Tratzberg Castle in Jenbach, approx. 12 km)


Tratzberg Castle Tratzberg CastleTratzberg Castle Tratzberg Castle
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